Recognized for it’s architectural contribution to the community, the Foothill residence received the Beverly Hills Design award in 2011. Combining both residential living with museum appeal it houses over 30,000 CDs & vinyl records and an additional 30,000 books, sheet music and other written material related to the owner’s personal collection of Operetta music. Originally inspired by the Golden Rectangle, a mathematical process that uses an infinite number squares to make the perfect spiral; principal designer Leonardo Umansky used this proportional system to layout the floor plans of the house.

In the front exterior of the home stands a large custom-made glass window standing 19 ft. tall by 16 ft. wide, showcasing over 2,600 ft of archive specific sized shelving. The shelving is comprised of niches, walls and free standing walls dispersing the collection widely throughout the home. The residence also features a subterranean parking to accommodate 5 vehicles, Redwood siding, Ledger stone and steel trowel plaster on the exterior with white oak & limestone flooring throughout the interior.