Inspired by Japanese & Mid-Century architecture, the 8,800 sq. ft. home incorporates bold natural materials of Redwood, Limestone, Oak & Bouquet Canyon stone.Designed for large scale entertaining, the high ceilings, large rooms & ample natural light create the perfect atmosphere for displaying an expansive art collection. This home’s style developed over time with a creative conversation between the clients and Arxis designer, Leonardo Umansky. With inspiration from the owner’s vast art collection, the design of the home started to revolve around some of the art pieces. An example of this is in the front entrance where the sightline upon entering penetrates through the house centered on a tree (an existing and pivotal piece that laid the groundwork for the design) and a sculpture of a ballerina. It’s there you will find the roof overhang above imitating the delicate lift of the ballerina’s leg and curve of her arm. The design goes on to embrace fluidity by widened hallways and amplified x, y, & z axes. While you navigate through the home your eye is led by either a hidden light source or a draw of attraction to the next space. Amidst all of this carefully crafted architecture are massive stone fireplaces acting as bookends to the two main entertainment areas of the home and essentially anchor the rest of the house.